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Welcome to ManyManyToys.Com, your online toy store website for top toys for children, boys and girls. There are even specialized toys for babies, infants and toddlers. Each age group and developmental stage has their own specific types of toys that will help them grow.

kid toysEveryone always wants to know what the top 10 toys are for the year or the best toys for girls and boys or for 1 year olds or 2 year olds, 3 year olds and even 4 year olds. These questions about toys for children and kids are always searched for around that Christmas shopping time when parents and adults are looking for the top kid toys for their child or boys and girls on their shopping lists. They’ll visit countless or online toy stores to find the exact toy that their little one has request of Santa, whatever the cost.

kid toysToy companies from all over like Mattel, Fisher-Price, Disney and Baby Einstein wait for this time of year to make their money. From cheap plastic models to wooden toys of all kinds. The latest and greatest models that are advertised on tv are always hot. But, for the younger kids, vintage toys and simple eco-friendly or hand-me-down play things can be a real treat for any youngster.

There is always an animated film out with popular characters that have been made into action figures and dolls. This is always a safe bet for presents and gifts for a young boy or girl. For toddlers that watch tv shows for kids, you can get learning toys that are based on those shows like the ones on the Disney Channel like Blues Clues, Dora, or even Ninja Turtles.

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Another great idea for games and toys for kids are cars like dump trucks, construction vehicles and ride on or push style ones. These are great for boys, of course. But daddy’s little girl can play with trucks and trailers, too. You’ll even be able to find pink John Deere tractors for sale at online toy store websites.

If you want to know the top 10 toys for the winter season, wait until fall and you’ll be able to find many lists regarding this for both boys and girls as well as age appropriate toys. This will for sure make parents frenzied into getting everything on the list for their loved ones and little ones.

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Finding the right kids toys for children of all ages is important to get them socializing and learning about interacting with things and getting coordination. The early stages of child development are the most crucial years for growth. Make sure you put the right toys in front of your child to get them learning and having fun at an early age with developmentally appropriate games and toys for children.