Fisher Price Record Player

A Fisher Price record player, whether a vintage 1978 model 825 / 995 or a shiny new music box, people love these little record players for 33 & 45 rpm records. Kids the love cuteness and color of the record players that actually work. Adults love the vintage and antique nostalgia of them. The old 1971, 1983, and 1989 models are a favorite of vintage toy collectors and audiophiles.

fisher price record playerPeople sometimes use these portable model record players to listen to and preview records at swap meets and outdoor flea markets. It’s great for all this and yes, listen to records as well. The player doesn’t have the best quality, but it’s a great look and people will be amazed that it actually works. You can keep it at home as a nice functional decoration or take it along with you places to have a portable vintage stereo system.

These little Fisher Price record players definitely have a following as old vintage records are still a favorite of many music lovers. Since the player only works with smaller sized record platters, it does limit the types of records, but still really awesome to use on small format 33 and 45 rpms.

Fisher Price Record Player Models

The 1978 Fisher Price electric phonograph model #825 is by far the most well-known of all the Fisher Price record players and of course as much more highly sought after.  The others work great and are as cool as the 825, but like other niches and vintage items, some model years become the model that stands out and that everyone loves.

The Fisher Price record player music box is what many will remember as kids with the colorful plastic records and the storage slot with handle. Others have memories of the phonograph models that played real records like the classic 1971 and 1978 units. You can even see these at swap meets and flee markets as record enthusiasts listen to different records before buying them. It’s a handy portable device. Fisher-Price has been making these for decades and they design has really lasted the test of time with Walmart and Target still selling them in certain locations. Of course, you won’t find the old ones from the 1970’s there like the 995 and 825.

Fisher-Price Classic Record Player

New ones can be found at stores like Target and retailers online, but for the classic models, searching on ebay is the best way to get them. This also goes for needle replacement parts as well. The colorful phonograph has been a kids favorite for years for good reason. Of course, it has sentimental value for adults as well. If you loved to listen to records as a kid or had kids music records, you know how great these are.  Many people love the vintage ones.  If you have or had a vintage Fisher Price Record Player, what model did you have?  The 1971, 1978, 825 or the toy music box one or a newer model?