Knex Roller Coaster

A Knex roller coaster like the famous Screamin’ Serpent or the Rippin’ Rocket coasters are great for young adults to learn spacial logistics and plain old following directions. K’Nex buildings are like Legos to the next level. They make many educational and fun building and constructing sets like their ball machine, ferris wheel and even grandfather clock. With a creative idea or design, kids can build their own creation with or without the instructions manual that comes with the building sets.

knex roller coasterBesides that Screamin’ Serpent and Rippin’ Rocket, Knex is also known for the popular Hornet’s Swarm, Storm Mountain, and Vertical Vengeance. These are now a little older models, but still quite fun to put together. You’ll probably be able to get a deal on these older models as well.

For the newer K’NEX roller coaster models, people love to build coaster sets like the Speed Coaster, Dragon’s Drop, Lava Launch, Loopin’ Lightning, Sonic Blizzard and Speed Demon. This come in a set package with all the pieces and instructions you’ll need to put these together.

Knex Roller Coaster

Knex makes a line of dueling coasters, namely the Cobra’s Curse Dueling and the Double Dare Dueling Coasters. You’ll have double tracks that will criss cross for maximal viewing pleasure. Another innovative Knex roller coaster building set line is the video coasters. This includes the HOTSHOT! Video Coaster and the Extreme View Video. The novel thing about these is that a digital video camera is integrated so that you can see footage of your coaster. What a neat idea!

Under the learning and educational coasters, K’Nex has the Amusement Park Experience, and the Roller Coaster Physics Sets. Both of these are sets that are geared towards teaching the builder about what goes into the making and physics of a roller coaster. The many different models make the fun endless for those kids that love these building sets. There are also plenty of videos to boost ideas and creativity as well as for inspiration. The reviews for Knex products are mostly positive as it’s a great learning tool for kids. When boys and girls are old enough to read and understand the instructions manual, getting a simple set from Walmart can start their journey into more complex coaster models and kits for years to come.

Popular K’Nex Building Set Roller Coasters

With so many roller coaster sets by K’nex, how could you choose? ¬†You could base your decision on difficulty of build or just how the roller coaster looks when it’s done. ¬†Wither way, you’ll have to choose from the originals like the Knex Screamin’ Serpent or the Rippin’ Rocket, just to name a few of the famous Knex roller coaster models.