Magnetic Fishing Game

The classic plastic and wooden magnetic fishing game for kids is a great timeless & educational game for children that they’ll play with for hours. Brands like Melissa and Doug know this & have turned this classic concept into learning and interactive puzzle games and more. This kids games can teach them colors, fish, hand-eye coordination and more.  Plus, if you love fishing, then you’ll be introducing it to your child at a young age.  They’ll be asking for a real rod and reel in no time.

magnetic fishing gamePlus, it’s fun for the whole family.  When they catch a fish with their little magnetic fishing rods in the game, they’ll be excited.  Since it’s attached by small magnets, they fish won’t get away.  This great game can be played with other little ones or older siblings.  There’s definitely hours of playability here. There are different types of magnetic fishing games like the puzzle ones or the old plastic ones where the fish are in little pods.  Then, there are wooden ones in a pond.  The styles vary, but the overall concept is the same – fishing with a magnetic rod and fish.

The different magnetic pole playsets are made by big toy brand names to generic ones that are sold with 24 pieces and more for fun times with the kids. There are even portable, travel sets that can be hauled along so that the children can play with their friends and siblings when away from home. The Munchkin Gone Fishing set is perfect for toddlers to being practice for ocean, lake and stream fishing when they grow up. The wooden set made by Pavilion at Toys ‘R Us and the Melissa and Doug Deluxe 10-piece set are some of the most popular among parents that are environmentally conscious.

Magnetic Fishing Game For Kids

Many parents that are creative will even make their own fishing games. There are many tutorials online to make a fish game for kids. These fishing pole games are great for bath tub playing for playful bath time. All that is needed is a template for the game where the fish go and a magnetic fishing pole to pick them up with.

For parents that were lucky enough to play with one of these as a kid, they probably remember the wooden magnetic fishing game sets like the ones that Melissa and Doug make today. It’s more of an eco-friendly reason today, but still has that classic look and feel to them. With vibrant colors and different fish designs, it can be a fun experience just like the motorized plastic ones that have become more popular these days due to the electronic movement and action that they exhibit.

Melissa & Doug Magnetic 10-Piece Fishing Games

If you love fishing, then you’ll want to get your child into fishing at an early age.  Magnetic fishing is the best.  It’s fun and they’ll learn hand eye coordination at the same time.  You can teach them colors and the basic fishing items like rods and fish.  Whether you make your own diy set or buy one of the popular 24 or 10 piece sets online, it’ll be worth the time or money for kids that love animals. Which is your favorite magnetic fishing game?