Mr Potato Head

The Playskool Mr Potato Head toy is a favorite of many children and adults from all over. With accessories like the silly suitcase, spud buds or the themed celebration spud set, everyone knows this Potatoe and has probably played with one over the years.  Why is Mr. Potato Head so popular and timeless as a gift?

playskool mr potato head partsFor children, learning toys are best sellers now.  Before it was all about engaging the kids and keeping their attention for a period of time while parents worked or did house work.  Now, toys are made to prime their brains for learning and adult life.  The Playskool version was probably one of the first lovable and cute toys to do this.

Learning parts of the face and where they go is definitely important.  These are useful words in everyday life and the Potato Head makes it easy to learn these basic body parts.  Plus, the feel and fun of attaching the parts is a great for kids of all ages.  Making funny faces is probably the best part. The toy has been the inspiration to new spin-offs like different games that feature the character as well as the increased popularity of clip art, coloring pages and other ways to interact with this colorful and playful kids toy. The history of Mr Potato Head has seen the addition of Mrs. Potato Head and even NFL themed versions.

Mr Potato Head Parts

For adults, nostalgic gifts can bring back great memories and feelings of the past.  Toys among other things can do this.  This is definitely the case with Mr. Potato toy.  This kids toy has been around for decades, so everyone can really relate to it.  This is the beauty of the lovable spud. The parts are interchangeable and is what makes it fun. A new version of the toy was revised and brought to life as the Toy Story animated movies became popular. A new generation of kids now can enjoy the potato head toy.

Potato Head Man From Toy Story

There are many classic toys like those by Hasbro that people have come to love over the years.  The famous potato man is definitely one of them.  This iconic figure is still being given and received as gifts until this day for birthdays and Christmas gifts.  For youngsters, this spud is a great item to have to teach the essential body parts and where they are.  For adults, it’s a great nostalgic toy that people love.  What do you think about the Playskool Mr Potato Head toy?