Toy Trucks and Trailers

As toys go, toy trucks and trailers are up there as a boy favorite. Tonka pickup trucks & semi truck toys are similar popular trailer truck models that kids love to play make believe with.  Yes, girls like trucks too, but boys really love their trucks, even as youngsters.

toy-trucks-and-trailers If you’re a dad looking for a nice truck for your daughter, just get it in pink or purple and she’ll love it! Toy trucks are often seen as individual items like pick up trucks or specialty trucks like dump or toy fire trucks.  But, kids do love to play with all kinds of big cars including toy trucks and trailers from horse trailers to big semi trucks with trailer boxes pretending to make cross country journies to deliver goods.

Toy Trucks and Trailers

If the kids live in a family with RVs, a toy hauler toy truck may be appropriate.  Kids always want to be like their parents, so if you have a 5th wheel in real life that you trailer, why not get a toy truck with a fifth wheel trailer on it for you kid.  These types of truck toys for boys and girls will provide hours of fun for your child. They’ll pretend they’re on the highway on a cross country road trip to deliver goods or just to be on the road like the summer trip they just came back from.

If you can’t decide on which toy trucks and trailers to choose, you can check out some custom toy trucks for sale. These can be excellent for those kids that already have all kinds of trucks and would appreciate something different to add to their collections. Although Tonka, Fisher Price, and other brands produce popular truck and trailer toys, something that was personally made or unique for that child can really bring a huge smile on his or her face. Having something that no other kid has is always great for that feeling of uniqueness.

More on Toy Trucks and Trailers

Of the different truck and trailer combinations, there are some favorites. These include horse trailers and other farm toys. Some kids like playing toy boats, so having boat trailers to haul around for fun makes great pretend time as well. Semi trucks like Peterbilt toy trucks and the long trailers for carrying goods all over can be another great gift idea for the truck trailer loving kids. Even ones with logos of known companies can be good fun like the post office, UPS or other big name brand that your little one may recognize.

If you can’t decide what to get, think about all the types of trucks out there like pickup trucks, semis, and even tanker trucks could be a good idea. Boys have many types of favorite toys.  Trucks are definitely one of them.  Toy trucks like dump trunks and pick up trucks by companies like Tonka and Hot Wheels are definitely popular.  But, just as fun are semi trucks carrying trailers.  If you imagined driving cross country as a trucker in toy trucks and trailers as a kid, which ones did you have?